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hey everyone I'm new to the community and kind of new to lj. =) I've been listening to justincase for about a year and a half now! I'm glad I found some justincase communities on here!! :) I'm also in to Michelle Branch, I'm the leader of the the PIF Boston regional team on her PIF thing in case u've seen me around there as mereih. I'm also sailor-rainbow on MBMB and mereih on the jic boards. =) So how did all of u get in to justincase? I got in to them after seeing Michelle introduce them on TRL.

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well as u see in my last post-- they went to my high school, plus my bestfriends sister dated the lead singer. so its all good :) yay thats cool u like them too
yeah awsome! hey I'ma add u to my friends list, add me too:)
what was the name of your best friend's sister?
her name is leanna--thanx i'll add u too :)
awesome :) welcome to the community!!

let me also "pimp" the nick and hannah communities:
nicktoscofans and hannahtoscofans
i love justincase also if you hear on them going on tour at all let me know my